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Note:- Due to some Administrative reasons, I stopped uploading new study materials and sample papers for the session 2018-19 in this blog. Please click our Vidyalaya website to download my Maths latest sample papers (only) prepared for my class students: KV Gachibowli

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  1. Sir,
    I am a parent of Class 10 Student who will be attending board exams in March 2016. We are based in Visakhapatnam.

    It goes without saying that study material posted by you is par-excellent. As a parent I would like to know the answers of the numerous sample papers which you post as this would help the students to know if they are on the right path.

    I would be glad if you can share answers of Class 10 course with me. As the exams are scheduled shortly a quick reply would be very helpful.

    Thank-you again for such a wonderful academic compilation.

    Sumant Gupta

  2. Sir It’s a really really good approach.
    I really want to appreciate you for doing such a social service .
    I saw some of the study materials.
    They were quite awesome and useful as well .
    Don’t stop with this I want you to continue this till the end.
    A Big Salute To You.

  3. Sir , After going through your website , i will love to go back to my class 10 , just to love solving them again . Sir , its very great of you to do this effort for the benefit of students . With love and respect , Barun .

    • First take cosx = t then -sinxdx = dt,
      then I =- ∫dt/(t^2+1)(t^4+1)
      use partial fraction to get
      use formula for ∫dx/(x^2+1)=tan^-1 x. then get
      I=(-1/3)[tan^-1 t-(1/2)tan^-1 (t/2)] + c
      then finally replace t by cosx to get the final answer

      • Good afternoon sir,
        I wholeheartedly appreciate your work and effort. Can I have the solutions for the tests which you conducted chapter wise and the questions you have given at the end of each chapter.
        God bless

  4. Dear Sir,
    Excellent questions for practice. Where can we find the answer key for Class 7 Maths SA1 and SA2. Thanks. God Bless you

  5. Sir good morning, i am a parent of class 9th & 7th of kv NAD, visakhapatnam. Thank you for class 9th periodic test 3 maths sample papers. And I wish to request you to please post class 7th maths periodic test 3 sample paper also . And please send answer key also for clarification of student. Once again thank you very much.

  6. Sir, can you suggest website for english and social science materials.
    Hope, you will reply.
    Thanks and Regards,

  7. A word of appreciation will not fulfill the service you render. It is really great to see such a tremendous effort year after year. Also I could see that it is covered from all the angles. It is also having a bird eye’s view. Thank you very much sir.
    It will be an added feather in your cap if you could also work out on English and Social Science also.


    • Thank you very much sir for your feedback ☺ I started working on Social science this year with Class X and hope I will add few more materials for next academic year 👍💐

      • Thank you very much sir. All the very best. Your efforts will be spoken by the coming generations forever. The task you have performed, you are performing and will be performing will be a thankless job. The charity work you are carrying out will certainly be recorded by the almighty. I pray the almighty that you should serve more to this community in creating a more responsible citizens.

  8. Dear Sir
    Thank you for the fantastic effort. Could you upload FA2 revision worksheets for Grade 3?
    Thank again for your wonderful work Sir.


  9. sir, thanks a lot, it will be of great help tolots of students like me. please provide solved materia for 2018 maths and science 2018 sample 10 papers.

  10. Sir, thanks a lot for your sample papers. This is the first time I’m visiting your blog and downloading sample papers. I noticed the chapter wise mark distribution which you have mentioned in the blue print of each sample paper and I didn’t saw this any where in the CBSE website. In the cbse curriculum only unit wise mark distribution is there. Sir, my ward is studying in X std and also I am a higher secondary teacher in a CBSE school. My doubt is, will the cbse question paper-2018 carries the same chapter wise mark distribution for maths, science and social science . I’m waiting for your valuable information. Please do reply.

    • Thank you very much sir for your feedback. I prepared blue prints and sample papers based on latest sample papers issued by CBSE. I also expect CBSE will follow their sample papers. 
      Convey my blessings and best wishes to your ward.
      With great regards
      M. S. Kumar Swamy

  11. Superb work sir.stay blessed.so many students are getting benefited through your study materials and model question papers.just today only I visited your blog first time.I came to know about your blog by relative who is in Dubai..thx a lot.no words to express..

  12. Sir, your idea is really superb and the sample papers are really helpful and that too you are giving it for free to download them . Thank you Sir .But please provide even the answer key for science and math grade 10 papers

  13. Sir i am from kv shimla sir I’ve watched all sample papers sit but sample paper 03 session ending exams of class 9 so ease give answer key

  14. Thank you so much for such an effort. Fantastic site. Can you please provide the answer keys for the maths sample papers of class 10

  15. thanks a loooooot .just the day before my board exam your blog went all around my school with the teachers providing the URL to every student and saying that it will help

    And indeed it has. 😉

  16. Extremely useful to all students sir. My daughters are in 10th. Myself also a teacher for grade 10 to 12th. This year I’m handling only 11th n 12th std.
    Just one clarification sir.. hope not much change in 10th standard syllabus.
    If you could share revised edition through email id. Would be a great help.
    Awaiting for your reply.

  17. thank you so much sir for your material of class 12 physics . i really grateful to you . i am teaching physics for cl 12 .i was finding different ways to help slow learners . your material was really helpful. thankyou sir.kindly provide map mind for slow learners also . or else sample papers for 40 marks .
    with regards

  18. Sir, my daughter is studying in X std. Kindly provide Answer Key of 2017-18 & 2018-19 Maths and Science periodic test II.
    Thanks for your wonderful work.
    Santosh Kumar Panigrahi

  19. Sir good morning. I am a parent of class 10 . My daughter will be attending CBSE class 10 periodic test 2 exam. this October, 2018. I found that your sample papers of Class 10th are extremely helpful.
    As a parent I would like to know the answers of the sample papers of 2017-18 and 2018-19 Maths and Science which you post as this would help the students to know if they are on the right path.
    I would be glad if you can share answers of Class 10 Sample Papers Maths and Science with me.
    I am waiting for your valuable reply.
    Thank you for such wonderful compilation.

    Santosh Panigrahi



  21. for Class-V half yearly exam sample papers can we use link in this blog “Primary Classes” or if any other updated link please suggest

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