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NOTE:   This blog is my voluntary service to the society and students community in particular. All files are free to download and uploaded for the benefits of students and teachers. These materials should not be used for any commercial purpose in any material form.

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  1. Thank you, Sir,
    for the study material. It is really helpful. Please let me know how I could check for the answers if I am doing it correctly. please let me know if there is an answer key link that I could check from.

    Thank you once again for the study material.

    • thank you sir for your bound less effort. it would be more benefited if you provide with the answer key with hits .

  2. Hi, sir congratulation on the good work. Kindly share VIII standard science lessons study materials 7 to 18

  3. Thanks sir for your support to students as well as teachers also for providing study materials for different classes. Definitely it will be beneficial to all of us. Once again thanks sir for your good health and may God bless you long and healthy life to serve the students and

  4. Hi Sir,

    I am extremely delighted to be a part of KVGB school.Sir I got to know your website before 5 years ago.So I got transferred from uppal kv to Gachibowli .Sir I am very happy ,it’s a dream come true.Your teaching is excellent and my good is doing good sir.
    We all Pray God for your Good Health and Once again Thank you sir for helping many students.

  5. sir you are a big blessing for teaching community,you have a brilliant mind and a kind heart.God bless you.

  6. Sir, I like your website very much, tha n k you much. Now my son is in Xth so. Iam utilising content. Thank you once again. But sir class VII is not available. Please update that too

  7. As a Mathematics Teacher I’m very much impressed by your materials and sample papers, you are the most dedicated teacher.I would be great if you can share the materials for ICSE class 10.

  8. Your material is extremely useful sir. Really appreciate your effort Sir. Thankyou so much on behalf of all students who are using your sample papers.

  9. sir
    you are doing very helpful work for teachers also, plz provide Question Bank for 11th and 12th (Maths) also. It would be very supportive for me.
    Plz reply…

  10. Yio are doing a great service Mr. Kumaraswamy.

    Can you share the answer sheet for Maths Sample Paper Test 11 for Board Exam 2021.
    (Two Case Study based questions as per CBSE new pattern).

    The link on the website for the answer sheet point to the question paper itself…

  11. Wonderful to see the questions in the website . They are extremely helpful. Can you kindly inform if you have for primary classes to.. from 2 to grade 5 .. thanks once again Mrs Balu

  12. Good afternoon sir, Thank you for your tireless efforts. Great benefit for all the teachers and students. If possible kindly share the new pattern OMR sheets for give the training to class 10 and 12 children

  13. Sir i am a great fan of yours..
    Your materials are awesome..
    Please upload MLL material for standard basic maths..
    Please add sample papers for basic maths too.
    Thank you so much sir..
    You are awesome.

  14. Very nice sheet helped me alot I got 41 out of 40 in maths thankyou sir apka naam liya to ek no. Aur mil gaya thank you sir

  15. Thank you Sir for the wonderful worksheets. It is very helpful for my daughter but she needs to check the answers.
    Please suggest me from where she can check the answers.

  16. I chose to dedicate my post retirement life for voluntary social service in the field of high school education using digital platforms and mainly reaching the under privileged and the needy. your works are a guiding force and the Digital India salutes you for unstinted dedication. I salute you sir.. Regards

  17. Sir, I have been following your website since 3 years. I am thankful to your effort sir. I would request you to please upload Sample Papers, Case Study Based Questions and MCQ question bank for class 11. I would be thankful if you upload these files sir.


    • You are doing a noble service for students and teachers. Really your study materials are very helpful for both side.
      Continue your service. may God bless you and your family

  18. Sir,
    I respectfully request to you please send the pdf of questions bank’s answers thats why i have got good marks
    kindly send the pdf sir on my email or whatsapp number 8528722093
    Your obediently
    Mohd Hashim
    Class 10

  19. आपके द्वारा डाले गए सभी स्टडी मैटेरियल बच्चों को पढ़ने में काफी मदद करते हैं जिससे उनका समय बचता है और वह अपना समय स्वाध्याय में ज्यादा लगा पाते हैं। मैं आपके इन स्टडी मैटेरियल से काफी प्रभावित हूं और आपको हृदय से धन्यवाद कहता हूं। सर आप आगे भी इस तरह के स्टडी मैटेरियल बनाते रहे जिससे बच्चे बोर्ड परीक्षा में अच्छा प्रदर्शन कर पाए तथा आप कॉन्पिटिटिव लेवल पर भी अपने स्टडी मटेरियल जरूर डालें।

  20. You always have been my inspiration and guide sir. With your blog no-one need to go for a sample paper. Being a teacher I always recommend students to practice the set questions and yes they are worth promising.

  21. Sir thank you for this wonderful practice worksheet. This platform is really great for students, especially those preparing for the board exams….. May God bless you abundantly and shower his grace upon you from heaven…… thank you very much

  22. The world will recognize you for your exemplary work… Please share VIII standard science lessons study materials 7 to 18.

  23. Thank you sir for your appreciable work. It’s really great work for students. Your devotion is really blessful. Thank you once again.

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