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NOTE:   This blog is my voluntary service to the society and students community in particular. All files are free to download and uploaded for the benefits of students and teachers. These materials should not be used for any commercial purpose in any material form.

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  1. Thank you, Sir,
    for the study material. It is really helpful. Please let me know how I could check for the answers if I am doing it correctly. please let me know if there is an answer key link that I could check from.

    Thank you once again for the study material.

  2. Hi, sir congratulation on the good work. Kindly share VIII standard science lessons study materials 7 to 18

  3. Thanks sir for your support to students as well as teachers also for providing study materials for different classes. Definitely it will be beneficial to all of us. Once again thanks sir for your good health and may God bless you long and healthy life to serve the students and

  4. Hi Sir,

    I am extremely delighted to be a part of KVGB school.Sir I got to know your website before 5 years ago.So I got transferred from uppal kv to Gachibowli .Sir I am very happy ,it’s a dream come true.Your teaching is excellent and my good is doing good sir.
    We all Pray God for your Good Health and Once again Thank you sir for helping many students.

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