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NOTE:   This blog is my voluntary service to the society and students community in particular. All files are free to download and uploaded for the benefits of students and teachers. These materials should not be used for any commercial purpose in any material form.

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  1. Sir, Request you to also upload CBSE eight standard science question bank. This will be very useful for us and your help is appreciated. We using your Maths question bank and very useful.

  2. Kumar Sir, super work in maths. I don’t have words to appreciate you.

    Sir, is there any plan to prepare chapterwise test papers in math. I am very much in need of that for my son.

  3. Sir….pl pl pl pl do post for class 12 maths….it will he vvvvverrryyy useful…..do post for half yearly.. objective questions etc..pl update class 12 website too like class 10.. waiting for ur response

  4. Excellent blog for all CBSE students especially Class X and XII. It is very useful for all levels of students. I really appreciates and congratulate kumarsir for doing excellent work in the field of education for the welfare of students. My son and daughter both are highly benefited from this blog. Many other students are also benefited. Thank your very much kumarsir. God bless you and your family sir.
    With regards
    Rishikesh Sharma

  5. Dear Kumar sir,
    The way you are helping all the students is wonderful and I’m very impressed by the quality of the kind of material you provide. I would sincerely request you to prepare similarly for classes 11 and 12, Physics, Chemistry, Math. The questions especially MCQ’s would be very helpful to all the students out there. And i request you to bring out more sample papers for class 11 and 12 PCM subjects if you can sir. Computer Science is now advanced and the Python language has been introduced from this year onwards. I’m a PCM with CS student so I’m requesting you for all the help possible. We are ready to help you bring out this material in any way. Please sir it’s a sincere request from our side. I would love to interact with you therefore it would be great if you can drop in a message or share with us your email-id. Once again sir, thanks a lot and please take into consideration my request as it is a common request.

  6. Dear Kumar Sir,
    You are doing a very noble work for the welfare of the students community and justice to your profession. You are the motivations to many teachers in our Country.
    I really admire you.
    Thanks and regards

  7. Sir papers are too good. In class XII maths paper 2019-2020 series error in q.no. 16 and q.no. 33 the point of intersection is very odd. Please check

  8. Dear Sir,
    Mathematics worksheets and practice paper are very useful. It would be more useful if you would provide us with the answer keys. It would help me to check my answers.
    Kevin Steve Peter
    From: Doha
    Class: 9

  9. Sir, if possible please provide answer-keys for MLL Study materials Maths Standard Class X 2019-20. I want to compare and confirm my solutions. Thanks for your excellent work. : Asita Ganatra

  10. Hello Sir
    Sir plz post Class X Science Sample Papers for 2020 board exam as soon as possible. Answer keys (if possible).
    Also provide answer keys of MLL materials of class X atleast MCQs

  11. A great thanks to you sir
    From KV Buxar (Bihar)
    I was in fear about standard mathematics
    But after solving your 10 sample paper
    I am feeling confident

  12. Sir, The Sample papers and MLL materials for Maths, Science and Social Science of Class X are very helpful. Can you please upload important questions for Social science chapters, which are not part of MLL. The questions and answers are so relevant and very helpful. Kindly upload MCQs and important questions of all chapters of SSc Class X. Thank you very much.

  13. Sir you have been a big help for me in studies! Thank you sir! But sir chemistry…Do you know any blog or any support for us in chemistry for class 12th?

  14. Respected Sir,
    Appreciation for your service to the students and teachers. Can you post some science sample papers for the year 2020.

  15. Respected sir. can you upload answer key for the science sample papers grade 10. if structure and function of nephron is asked for 3 marks. should we draw diagram too.

  16. Respected sir, I am guardian . I am at Rourkela, state Orissa, u are the best teacher in man made factory. Sir u have given alot of of questions in each chapter of science e is there answer of science of all questions if yes please sent my email rabi970224@gmilcom, please help me

  17. Respected sir , if answer key of STD 10 science chapter of ur study material of physics chemistry and biology please sent to my email please help me so that I guide know the correct answer

  18. Sir,
    I am Mrs.Priya from Madurai, Tamilnadu, Mother for X CBSE Board Student.
    I really appreciate and also thanking for the excellence preparation of SAMPLE PAPERS .
    For this linked Question Papers, Answer Sheets are not available.
    It will be much helpful if the Answer Sheet also released for the Maths-standard-class-x-sample-paper-01 to 10 -for-board-exam-2020.pdf
    PLEASE forward the ANSWER key (if possible) to my mail ID : priyamadurai77@gmail.com.
    This will definitely helps my daughter to score well in Board Exam.

  19. Sir
    I am poor in maths and my condition is miserable I need solutions for those 10 papers you made for class 12 and what is the probablity of getting mathematics paper from this 10 papers

  20. I am grandmother of class X student whom I iam coaching. I was a teacher for 10 years. I like your sample papers as it is exhaustive. I have few questions regarding constructions answers.1) is steps of constructions to be written. 2) justifications are necessary.. can children start any section first or they have to go in order. Pl send reply to premabk47@gmail.com

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