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NOTE: Β  This blog is my voluntary service to the society and students community in particular. All files are free to download and uploaded for the benefits of students and teachers. These materials should not be used for any commercial purpose in any material form.

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  1. Sir , really your resource material is the best…i have been teaching my students using your material….getting very good results…thank you so much..

      • Sir thank you very much for your support. Your every resource material os very helpful. Our teachers recommend us your website. We are really very benefitted from this. Your contribution for our studies is really very appreciative. I wish that if I could be a student of you. You are very excellent in both science maths.

    • Dear Sir,
      Appreciate your selfless work and interest towards children.
      Kindly upload the answers of sample paper 11

  2. Sir , first and foremost thank you for providing us with so many useful resources, But, sir I have a request that could you please send revision papers for Hindi, please sir , especially for GRADE 10

  3. Sir, Please.. Solve one issue. Answer key of MCQ or Numericals is not provided with question given in reference material in physics, chemistry and Biology. (Class 9 & 10)

    Sir. Please provide us that answer key. It would be great help. At least of Numericals and MCQ.

    your reference material for class 9 & 10th is very very NICE sir . I advise all my students to use this reference material but they feel a lot of problems due to answers or solutions which is not given any of sections of your material. I request you pls solve this issue which most of the students suffering from. All four Maths, Chemistry Physics and Biology are Best and only best.
    Thank you Sir.

    • Thank you sir for ur good work . I hope many students make use of this opportunity which is free .
      God bless u sir for giving ur valuable time for this
      Even I would like to upload free work sir
      Can u help me , how to and where to upload

  4. Sir please also give the solution PDF of mathematics bank of 11.2 mb sir please it’s a request. Rest every thing is great thanks a lot sir. Hope you will provide us solution PDF of mathematics bank

  5. Your efforts r really praiseworthy. These r beneficial for the students as well as teachers. Thank u so much.Stay blessed sir😊

  6. Hello Sir,
    I heartily thank you for your contributions throughout.I really admire your efforts and look forward to many more wonderful materials for students to excel.Sir I would also like to request you to kindly upload the study materials for class 6 Science since only study material till chapter 3 is available.Looking forward eagerly to your reply.Thanks and Regards
    Gopa Roy

  7. You have made a wonderful thing to all the teachers and students as well. May God Bless You for your helping nature

  8. Respected sir,
    Serving lakhs of students by your hard-working collection. It is wonderful and helpful to students.
    Sir I respect you so much that your are my inspiration.
    I am also interested in writing notes and want to share with your platform.
    Sir MLL material of science (physics, chemistry and biology) for class 9 you have answer their assignment. Please share it.
    Sachin Pathak

  9. Hi sir your efforts are really good. I advise all my students to use this reference material but they feel a lot of problems due to answers or solutions which is not given any of sections of your material. Could you please provide solution also sir.. thanking you very much.

  10. Thank you, Sir, for the study material. It is really helpful. Please let me know how I could check for the answers if I am doing it correctly. please let me know if there is an answer key link that I could check from. Thank you once again for the study material.
    Regards, Rucheer

  11. Sir, In the new academic planner from the board they removed some concepts, which is not clear for us would you explain sir.
    For example in quadratic equation they mentioned situation based problems conversion to quadratic equation it means we have to consider the statement problems right sir. So statement problems are not there.

  12. Kumar sir it is really beneficial both for students and teachers sa well. In fact we are exposing to lessons delivered by an experienced Mathsteacher

  13. Sir, Namaskar! Thanks for providing Online material during the covid period. my child is now 10th class K V Tirumalagiri, she loves your problems as much as she loves her Maths teacher’s explanation.

    We will appreciate if you post on your website the Mathematics and Science Syllabus for the academic year 2020-21

  14. I Thank you for your great initiative.Sir could you please update on class 7 and class 6 science study material.

  15. Dear Sir, It’s a wonderful resource you have created. It surely would help students and parents alike for their exams preparation. Wonderful work. Keep it going. Thanks a ton for all the resources you have posted.Handicapped Grand parents guiding my grand children’s since two years

  16. Hi Sir,Wonderful & Awesome Effort,Hats Off!!
    In Your Reference & study materials for class X – End of each chapter-you have given Assignments questions- Can i have the answers for those assignments for Maths & science.
    Thanks & Regards
    Vignesh sharma

  17. Sir….A big thank you for your service…my child is in class 6 and I request you for class 6 science all chapters study materials

  18. Sir,

    Thank you for detail explanation of what portion is deleted.

    Sir, due to covid-19 and different views of Ministry of Education, there is possibility of online examinations.

    Can you please provide a light on this for students how to practice and how to be vigil not copying and really expressing what they have learnt.

    B.Sravana Kumar

    Parent of KV School student, Tirumalagiri.

  19. Sir,
    Thanking you for your wonderful efforts in providing facility to students and teachers.i will be grateful to you if you could kindly provide study materials for 11th class maths. God bless you for great help to the community.

  20. Dear sir,
    Kindly send me the MCQ, SA, VSA for the science class-8

    Many thanks in advance 😊
    Sumit shee

    Mobile & whatsapp no: +91-9538898659

  21. Sir,


    My child is studying in KVT

    Can we have the solutions for your assignments -Maths & Science.

    We request for Answers only not the entire solutions. The reason is for some problems we need to whether the answer is correct or not.

    Thanking you,

    With best regards

    B. Sravana Kua=mar

  22. Good morning sir , please start revision series on physics class 12 also sir please it’s a request including case based questions.

  23. Namaskar sir, Your materials are very useful for both teachers and students. As a teacher, I am using the material in my classroom teaching. Can you please share VII and VIII class materials with me ?


  25. Greetings of the day. I have been using your resources for the past 5 years and had been very helpful to the students not only to score but to apply the concepts in different ways. I appreciate your effort to place the resources together in one place which is really helping the community of teachers and students.
    Surya Kanthi.A

  26. Sir you are just outstanding , I have never seen a dedicated teacher like you
    Yours all resources are excellent and I Liked them very much πŸ™

  27. Respected Sir, Thank you very much for providing so much material for the students and teachers community. Would like to express my gratitude.

  28. Respected sir;your materials are very good for a perfect revision. Sir if you can increase the frequency of tests of class 12 which would be a great help for students

  29. Sir, As KV Students are gearing up for Pre-Board and Board Examination, we reques you to pelase provide suggestions to students how to approach the question paper – Plan of Action, Time Management (for eg. first attempting 5 marks, then case base or 3 marks or 2marks) – for both

    1. Mathematics & 2. Science.

    it will be appreciate if you can provide for Social Studies and English, if possible.

  30. Sir I was searching for free sample papers and study material but I got very few once. One day I checked your website and happy to seeing many sample papers and study material at free of cost.

    Thank you so much… πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  31. Sir your Sample papers are very helpful…I wanted you to give a separate paper for physics, chemistry, biology and maths(classX).This will not only prepare our strong foundation in these subjects but also a complete reflection and revision of each subject would be assured.

    Thank You so much sir for your guidance.

  32. Hello Sir , Your Sample papers are very helpful. Sir I have just one request sir . Please conduct tests more frequently sir. As whole syllabus is finished and now is the time of continuous practise through sample papers. So Sir please conduct tests more frequently.
    To rectify our mistakes we will be getting enough of time that is around 1 month whole.


  34. Hi Sir, The test which was conducted on 28 th of March 2021 , Physics Sample Test 5 .. It’s solutions pdf isn’t downloading.. I am getting redirected to the same page when i click on the link.

  35. Hi sir, I need Class X Social Science sample question papers. Mathematics papers are good to practice.

  36. THANK YOU FOR SAMPLE PAPERS OF PHYSICS XII every alternate Sunday . Pl. reload answers of test series V of physics as we are unable to download the same .Thanking you

  37. Namaste Sir my daughter Pihu Pant (student of Seth Anandram jaipuria School) is being benefitted by this forum for now 5 years ( previously by study material you provided of grade V, VI, VII, VIII) Now she and her cousin are following your grade 9th videos on youtube and I have no words how I can thank you. They feel as if they are in a class when they watch your youtube channel sessions. I am very thankful for the selfless initiative you have started . Please if you could start classes for science as well we will be so thankful or you could suggest a platform that is similar to yours. Once again thank you sir for all the efforts you make for every students.

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