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  1. Sir
    I am poor in maths and my condition is miserable I need solutions for those 10 papers you made for class 12 and what is the probablity of getting mathematics paper from this 10 papers

  2. I am grandmother of class X student whom I iam coaching. I was a teacher for 10 years. I like your sample papers as it is exhaustive. I have few questions regarding constructions answers.1) is steps of constructions to be written. 2) justifications are necessary.. can children start any section first or they have to go in order. Pl send reply to premabk47@gmail.com

  3. sir, thanks a lot for your practice papers for class XII as per the 20 1-mark pattern.
    For the physics papers that you have made, are the distribution of mcqs and fill in the blanks for each chapter as per cbse?
    please reply..

    • I have prepared all sample papers as per new CBSE Sample papers published by CBSE in Sept 2019 for Board Exam 2020. All these practice papers are meant for practice only. You are requested to practice according to the unit wise weightage of the curriculum.

  4. Respected Sir,

    First of all thank you and hats off to your service. Its of great help for the students. And Sir, if we download hindi papers , the fonts are appearing as boxes. Kindly suggest me how to view in hindi font sir.

  5. Dear Sir, It’s a wonderful resource you have created. It surely would help students and parents alike for their exams preparation. Wonderful work. Keep it going. Thanks a ton for all the resources you have posted. – Prof. Avinash Raipally

  6. Dear sir, Great job that you are doing. I just wanted to know where can I find class 10 sample papers standard solutions for 2020 boards.

  7. Dear Sir, It’s a wonderful resource you have created. It surely would help students and parents alike for their exams preparation. Wonderful work. Keep it going. Thanks a ton for all the resources you have posted. Sir, I want to join your group as helping hand. Please tell me the way for this.

  8. Respected Sir , Will you send me Question papesr for teachers of Sr. Secondory with subject physics and Maths each one of 30 marks.

  9. Sir, Question bank for 9th is extra ordinary and very helpful.. But no answers to check.. Please to make it useful more, please share answers too. My kid uses question bank to its fullest but without answers to check, its utility doesnt reach all.. Please share answers too.

  10. Dear sir, Thank you for all your meticulous efforts for preparing a detailed question paper collection . Is it possible to share a VII Maths answer key for question bank. It will be very useful to check my sons answers. I don’t know answer for many questions. Your help would help me a lot. Thanks

  11. Namaskar sir
    Went through ur sample papers fr the first tune
    Excellent material
    Can u pls pei use with the solution of ur maths sample papers of this year 🙏

  12. Sir, Please.. Solve one issue. Answer key of MCQ or Numericals is not provided with question given in reference material in physics, chemistry and Biology of class 9th.

    Sir. Please provide us that answer key. It would be great help. At least of Numericals and MCQ.

    your reference material for class 9 sir very very NICE My sister are currently in class 9th in JNV school. And I advise to use this reference material. All three Chemistry Physics and Biology are Best and only best.
    Thank you Sir.

      • Iam a maths teacher. Can I upload my solutions of your maths question bank particularly CBSE X std ignoring questions related to removed syllabus.
        Please give ur email I’d and I shall forward for your review

  13. Sir you are the best teacher, I ever teach with. During lockdown you help many student to complete their chapters at free of cost in YouTube. I am glad to learn from you.

    Thanking You sir
    Aryan Nair

  14. Respected Sir
    Recently I started using your materials of science and worksheets of Maths to my kids who are in 7th grade.These are really helpful . In this commercial world where education became business . After a longtime I saw a Grate teacher like you with good intention, really society need more teachers like you sir.
    Expecting some more chapter materials for science class 7 .

    Thank you Sir

  15. namaskar sir, my son is studying 7th, kv delhi. your work is very very excellent. how can check the answer for class 7 maths question bank…

  16. Hello sir first of all thank you very much now I am in10th but due to lockdown it is difficult to study but due to ur resources I could study well thankyou very much

  17. Dear Sir, Thanks for the phenomenal work of making available so much learning material for the children. A lot of children are benefiting from this daily. My request for class 10 students , can you please give answers/solutions for the sample science papers posted on your website? It would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

  18. Good morning…
    Respected sir…. I m fan of u
    I want maths test papers… For class 9 and 10 chapter wise.
    Plz help me…

  19. Hello Sir, Can you please provide the rest of the science notes for classes VII and VIII. It will be of great help to teachers like us who are working from home with limited resources and books

  20. Hi Sir ,
    You are doing an excellent job of giving out notes and guiding the kids for all classes. I wanted to know if the notes for class 10 will be updated according to the changes in the board pattern or anything new would be added.

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